November 2, 2012

At this time last year...

We were anxiously awaiting baby Zeke's arrival (visiting Iron's fruit farm)!
We wouldn't get to meet him until 9 days past his due date (exactly like his big brother) on November 4th. Mommy and Daddy were so thankful for his safe arrival! We stayed in the hospital a few extra days because of Zeke's slight fever.
Zeke has always been an easy going guy from day one.

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made... Psalm 139:14
Ezra loves being a big brother!
 It has been such a joy to see them grow along side each other and become friends.
We thank God for our precious gift and cherish every moment with him. We love you, Zeke!

On a side note, daddy is back safe from Argentina! :)

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